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Meet Our Horses



Bay Arabian-cross 

Ace is used for intermediate lessons and trail rides. He's got a sweet personality and very responsive to all aides.  



Bay Quarter Horse Gelding

Beamer has great ground manners, jumps a nice course, neck reins, and is quiet on trails.  He goes great English or Western. He is an all around great horse, and even appeared in a John Deere commercial! 




Bella is a big beautiful Belgian with a great attitude and a quiet disposition. She does lessons, trails, and is in training as a carriage horse.   



Belgian Draft Horse Gelding

Billy is a fabulous carriage horse who doubles as a great trail horse! He is truly a gentle giant.



Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding

Chester is one of the newer faces around the barn - but he fit right in and is already being used in lessons!


Cinnamon jumping

Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare

Cinnamon is an ex-race horse with excellent hunter/jumper training, but is quiet enough for lessons and even day camp!



Leopard Appaloosa Mare

Dottie is a sweetheart with a flashy coat. She's a great trail leader and is learning more with our lesson students everyday. 



Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Duncan is sweet natured and quiet enough to use in day camp and beginner english lessons, but he can also jump a course when asked. He is also great on trails!



Black Morgan - Percheron Gelding

Guinness is the quietest, nicest 3 year old we've ever seen! He is a unique and flash boy - 3/4 Morgan, 1/4 Percheron. 



Dark Bay Thoroughbred Mare

Jazz is doing English lessons. Quiet, willing, and great to work around! Picture coming soon!

Mr. Peabody


Gray Large Pony

Mr. Peabody is an all purpose Western, English, and trail horse. He has a sweet personality and is quiet for beginners but has get-up-and-go when he needs to!



Gray Drum Mare

An unusual breed for Fairwinds Farm, Queenie is a very fancy American Drum Horse. This is a heavy draft type horse that traditionally serves for the Life Guards of the British Royal Household Cavalry, carrying the kettle-drummer and large silver kettle-drums. Queenie will be a lesson horse, and pull our carriages! Picture coming soon!



Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Secret is doing great on lessons and on trails! Picture coming soon!



Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding

Smokey is always rarin' to go, but will take care of even the most timid rider.  Rides Western or English, jumps, and loves trail rides! 



Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Whiskey fit right in with our lesson program! Quiet and willing.

In memory of Butterscotch

ponyrides2 (1).JPG

Skewbald Pinto Pony

Our hearts were very heavy earlier this week when we had to put down Butterscotch, our favorite and most loved pony ever.  Over his 30 years of life “Butters” gave literally thousands of rides to kids (and sometimes their parents) and never complained.   Many of these rides were given in back yards with bouncy houses, horseshoe pits, balloons, and screaming children running around. Butterscotch never flinched.  He loved people (but hated dogsJ)    As we realized Butterscotch wouldn’t live forever, we have recently tried numerous times to find a pony to replace him without luck.   We are still trying.  I think we have come to know that Butterscotch just can’t be replaced.  

Butterscotch, we miss you already but we know you are in horse heaven giving another ride, or chasing a dog with your ears pinned!   

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