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  We are going to have lessons today, Monday February 22.  If you don't feel comfortable coming out, text Sydney and let her know.  And please park in front of the shed to the left of the driveway, not down by the barn!  It's tough getting up the hill.  If that lot gets full, park behind the bank barn.      Thank you 



Dear Parents and Students:

  After much thought, discussion and comparative research, and considering our last increase    in rates was in 2008, we have decided to raise our rates for riding lessons and trail rides       effective January 1, 2020 as follows:

 Group riding lessons (3 or more people)     $40/hr.

 Semi-private lesson  (2 people)                  $45/hr.

 Private lesson                                            $50/hr.

 half hour private                                        $30

 8 week group lesson paid in advance           $296

Trail rides                                                  $40/person

We thank you for your patronage and hope you will remain with us through these rate changes.  After comparing rates and amenities at facilities in the area, we are confident that we are still giving excellent value for the cost.    

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Ted (443-553-6196) or JoAnn (302-540-1852)

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